Training workshops in Vietnam

In cooperation with its partner, the Vietnamese Institute for Human Rights, the Institute has organized two training workshops on International Human Rights Law and the Role and Functions of National Human Rights Institutions. The workshops was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, from 27 January until 2 February 2013. The workshops are the first activities of the Institute’s human rights capacity development programme in Vietnam which will run until the end of the year. The timing of the trainings was very fitting, as Vietnam is currently beginning preparations for its next report to the Universal Periodic Review which is to take place in January/February 2014, and is also undertaking a review of its Constitution.

The Director of the Vietnamese Institute for Human Rights, Dr. Dang Dung Chi said that his institute is very happy to be working in partnership with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute given its long experience and high level of expertise in human rights capacity development.

Dr. Dang Dung Chi
Dr. Dang Dung Chi















The training workshop on International Human Rights Law targeted teachers of universities from several areas in the country and focused on specific human rights topics such as business and human rights; juvenile justice, as well as on the role of academia in promoting and protecting human rights in the context of the Universal Periodic Review and other international instruments.

The workshop on the roles and functions of National Human Rights Institutions involved members from academic institutions, as well as representatives from ministries and other governmental agencies of Vietnam, to discuss the possible establishment of a Vietnamese National Human Rights Institution. With the review of the Constitution currently underway and the possibility of academic and research institutions to contribute through an open consultation, it is hoped that the new Constitution would provide for the establishment of a National Human Rights Institution in Vietnam.

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