Search Systems

There are a range of search systems, databases and other tools which can be useful when searching for information on human rights and international humanitarian law. Several of the services require you to log in using your student or LU account.

Running Journals

Here you will find a list of the library’s running journals.


Library Mission

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s human rights library’s mission is to facilitate research and to disseminate knowledge of human rights by providing access to up-to-date and relevant information and literature within the field of human rights and humanitarian law. The library is part of Lund University Libraries, which offer a wide range of systems and tools.

About the Library

The library has one of Europe’s largest and most current collections of international law with a focus on human rights. The collection consists of nearly 15,000 titles, mainly in English and Swedish, around 20 running journal subscriptions, and a vast number of electronic resources. The library is a reference library with approximately 27 study places and five computers. It also features a study room for conversation and discussion.

The library also carries out, in collaboration with the Faculty of Law, training for students in how to best special and relevant databases related to human rights.

This is the only library in Sweden that focuses on human rights, which also puts it in a unique position when it comes to the collection’s breadth and depth. The collection has been built up over about three decades, so there is also a large amount of unique material at the library. This material is hard to find in the rest of Europe and even more rare in the Nordic countries.

The library also fulfills a role as a national resource for human rights research and dissemination by sending interlibrary loans to libraries in Sweden and other Nordic countries and receiving questions from all over the country.

Raoul Wallenberg Institute Library in Lund, Sweden

By focusing on one subject, the staff also has had the opportunity to acquire the specialised expertise in this particular field of study, with in depth knowledge of current publications and open and commercial databases in the field.

The library is the only library in Sweden, and the library in the Nordic region that has by far the longest experience, conducting international library support work. The library is at the crossing point between practice and research. This brings about a high level of understanding of the system of human rights and how they are implemented in developing countries, as well as an expertise in how the teaching about human rights material can be conducted in the most efficient manner.

Library Goals

  • Create an academic environment that is stimulating, motivating and enriching
  • Promote the use of the Library as a research and learning tool;
  • Create an outward-looking, user-friendly range of services
  • Identify and provide access to all forms of information and literature for researchers, teachers, course participants, students, and staff at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute
  • Ensure that the books and periodicals selected and managed by the Library are relevant, support the course curricula and meet users’ need
  • Play an active role in teaching and research activities and facilitate learning, equipping users with information retrieval skills and providing a supportive library environment
  • Develop good working relations with other libraries

Library Rules

  • The desks are reserved for persons that have a direct need of the books and journals available at the RWI Library. To clarify: You cannot use a desk for other studies.
  • If you have brought a laptop, please choose a desk without a computer.
  • Books are not supposed to be left on the desks. Someone else might need them. You have to return them yourself on the trolley reserved for that purpose.
  • You are allowed to reserve six (6) books for two weeks. Place these books on the reserved shelves with the back visible. Place  a note with your full name and the reservation time in one of the books. Please take into account that other persons might have a need for the books. Please put them back as soon as possible.


  • The price for copying and printing is the same as at other Lund University Libraries
  • In order to print or copy at the library, you need a StiL account.
  • Please follow this guide for how to set up all relevant accounts
  • Follow this guide to print from your own device
  • If you have any questions, please ask the staff

Lena Olsson

Senior Adviser. Library and Information

+46 706801709