Lund office

lund human rightsOur dynamic headquarters has around 35 staff members working with human rights research, policy, education and direct engagement. The office provides researchers, staff and students with a conducive study and work environment. We regularly hold lectures, high-level roundtables and other events and organise much of our work that we do on a national level from Lund. Read more about our work in Sweden.


Stora Gråbrödersgatan 17 B
P.O. Box 1155
SE-221 05 Lund, Sweden
Phone +46 46 222 12 00

For more information about our work in Lund, please contact:

Rolf Ring

Deputy Director, Head of the Department for Administration and Finance

+ 46 46 222 12 08

Europe office

The Europe Office was established in September 2016 and currently there are five staff members working on the team. The main initiative is an academic cooperation on human rights in Belarus, 2015-2019. Read more about our work in Belarus.



Europe Office
Box 1155
221 05 Lund
Tel: +46 46 222 12 32

For more information about our Europe office, please contact:

Amelie Sällfors

Deputy Director of Programmes

+ 46 46 222 12 32