Today, we are working in Cambodia, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, and regionally throughout Asia. We have offices in Jakarta and Phnom Penh. We began our work in Asia in 1996.



Over the years, we’ve developed a comprehensive programme of human rights education capacity building support to Chinese academia and key justice sector actors such as the Chinese prosecution service.

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Regional Asia

RWI is currently implementing the 2017-2021 Regional Asia Programme on Human Rights and Sustainable Development that aims to contribute to a just, inclusive and sustainable development in the region. It does this by mutually reinforcing protection of human rights, gender equality and the environment.

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We have been involved in human rights work in Cambodia since 2008. We opened an office in Phnom Penh in 2013.

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Myanmar National Human Rights Commission outreach

We initiated our cooperation on human rights capacity building in Myanmar in late 2011, as the first international organisation to engage in human rights capacity building with their newly established national human rights institution.

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We initiated activities in Indonesia in 1999. An office was established in Jakarta in 2005. Our work in Indonesia focuses on supporting the implementation of the Regional Asia Programme on Human Rights and Sustainable Development (2017-2021).  In particular, we work to promote the concept of human rights cities and foster a local dialogue around challenges and solutions related to the human rights, gender equality, environment and SDGs.

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