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Middle East and North Africa

A note from the director of the regional office in Amman

Our work in the Middle East and North Africa

Our cooperation in the human rights field in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region began in 1999. The cooperation has included both regional and bilateral projects.

Our current regional cooperation programme in MENA aims to increase the application of international human rights standards in national judicial systems in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia with a particular focus on the role of the judiciary in the protection of rights and freedoms.

By strengthening the capacities of primarily judicial institutes in the MENA region to actively integrate international human rights standards in their curricula and improve their teaching methodology, the ambition is that more judicial professionals will have the knowledge and tools to increasingly support the use of human rights standards by courts in the region.

Together with academic partner institutions, we are also implementing a project with the aim to create conditions for the provision of higher legal education to Syrian refugees for the development of a human rights based corps of Syrian legal practitioners working for the rule of law, constitutionality and reconciliation in a post-conflict Syria.

Our current programmes in MENA are implemented within the framework of the International Legal Assistance Consortium’s (ILAC) MENA and Syria programmes, which are financially supported by Swedish Development Cooperation.

We established a regional office in Amman, Jordan in September 2011 to facilitate the implementation of the Institute’s cooperation regionally in MENA and to further develop cooperation in the region. The office was formally registered in Jordan as a local branch office in late 2011.