The Institute is regularly subject to external evaluations and reviews to ensure that the Institute has adequate processes, systems and routines in place so that disbursed contributions are used in an efficient, qualitative and purposeful manner and for achieving set organisational, development cooperation and programme objectives.

This includes system-based audits.

Such reviews have appraised RWI positively in terms of the reliability, relevance and level of implementation of systems for operational and financial management and control with RWI, as well as RWI’s compliance with donor agreements.

Furthermore, the RWI budget process has been seen as relevant, being also adequately linked to the planning process, with measures considered useful for following up budget utilisation at different levels, and using the budget as a transparent management tool. Policies and tools have moreover been assessed to be in place for the promotion of good administration and transparency in the administration of funds, and counteraction of corruption.

We post our financials for the previous year in June. At the Board of Trustees' meeting held in May or June, the annual report is adopted and signed by all board members. After that, it is also signed by our auditor. Then it is made public.

Ulla Ek

Financial Controller

+46 46 222 14 82