John Knox podcast

Podcast: The Right to a Healthy Environment

In our latest episode of “On Human Rights” RWI’s Linnea Ekegren spoke with John Knox, the first Independent Expert and Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment appointed by the Human Rights Council.

John Knox is now the Henry C. Lauerman Professor of International Law at Wake Forest University, in North Carolina. He teaches and writes on human rights law, environmental law, and their relationship with one another.

He wrote the Framework Principles on Human Rights and the Environment together with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute. The Framework Principles are the culmination of five years of work in his role as Special Rapporteur.

John Knox recently joined us in Lund, Sweden at RWI’s roundtable on Human Rights in the Anthropocene. We discussed the relevance of human rights to the environment and the steps necessary to protect human rights in the era of worldwide climate change.

Listen to the podcast below!

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