What is Happening in the World While Trump is Tweeting?

On April 19, Malin Oud, the head of RWI’s Stockholm office, participated in a discussion titled “What is happening in the world while Trump is tweeting?” organised by Swedish think-tank Global Utmaning.

Annika Söder, State Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, opened the event with a keynote speech, followed by a panel discussion with Börje Ljunggren, RWI board member and former Ambassador to Vietnam and China; Rouzbeh Parsi, Lund University associate professor and director of European Iran Research Group; Rosaline Marbinah, vice chairperson of the National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations (LSU); and Malin Oud, director of RWI’s Stockholm office.


The discussions revolved around global power shifts, and what a new multipolar world order means for Sweden, human rights, peace and sustainable development. What types of new global partnerships and mechanisms are needed, and how can Sweden play a role through its seat on the UN Security Council?

More than 160 people came to listen to the discussions, held in Kulturhuset in central Stockholm. For those who missed out, it is possible to listen to the event here (in Swedish only).


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