Strengthening Global Partnerships: RWI’s Strategic Meetings in Nairobi

After successful engagements in Addis Ababa, RWI representatives continued their mission in Nairobi, holding a series of meetings with partners and multilateral and bilateral organizations.

The RWI delegation, including Peter Lundberg, RWI’s Executive Director, Rolf Ring, Deputy Executive Director, Rakel Larsen, Regional Director for Africa, and Chris Muthuri, Deputy Regional Director for Africa, met with Dr. Stephen Jackson, the UN Resident Coordinator for Kenya. Discussions centered on shared interests and enhancing collaboration between RWI and the UN in Kenya. Joining the meeting were Li Fung, Senior Human Rights Advisor, and Stephen Gichohi, Advisor Strategic Partnerships at the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator in Kenya.

Earlier, the team met Andrew Raine, UNEP Deputy Director of Law Division, and So-Young Hwang, UNEP Legal Officer in the Law Division. The dialogue focused on the deepening crisis of climate change and its impact on human rights and equality. Human Rights, the Environment, and Climate Change is one of RWI’s four thematic areas, and they look forward to collaborations that foster sustainable positive change.

Other meetings were at the Swedish Embassy, more specifically with Kenya and Somalia Development Cooperation. At Kenya Development Cooperation section, Peter Lundberg and Rakel Larsen conveyed their gratitude to Lena Rupp, Deputy Head of Development Cooperation in Kenya, for their invaluable support to RWI’s long-standing Programme. As a result of their support, a culture of human rights continues to be entrenched in Kenya’s correctional services, through the implementation of international human rights standards relating to custodial and non-custodial sentences.

In discussions on Sida’s work in Somalia, the RWI delegation engaged with Anna Saleem Högberg, Head of Section for Somalia Development Cooperation, Kalle Hellman, Deputy Head of Development Cooperation, Johan Bergqvist, Programme Manager, and Sophie Omoro, Senior Programme Manager, Rule of Law. RWI aims to continue promoting human rights, democracy, and women’s rights in fragile situations such as those in Somalia.

RWI is committed to actualizing these partnerships and more, all in the pursuit of advancing human rights globally. Together for more!

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