Cooperation with the Police Academy in Armenia

The RWI Yerevan office has started working with the Police Academy of Armenia, within the framework of which on April 26, 29-30, and May 6-7, 13, and 15, the Yerevan Office carried out a series of training sessions at the Police Academy. The sessions were facilitated by Josh Ounsted, Access to Justice Thematic Leader and local consultant Sergey Ghazinyan. The initiative was in partnership with the Chair of State and Legal Theory and Constitutional Law of the Police Academy.

The aim of these sessions was to impart critical knowledge to future patrol and criminal police officers on international and European human rights, laws and standards, the grounds for the restriction of human rights by police officers, and the right to freedom of assembly in a democratic society. They discussed different types of rallies, the relationship between freedom of assembly and other rights, and provided commentary on relevant international legal documents at the UN level. The sessions also included an analysis of the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights and the role of the police in the context of the realisation of the right to freedom of assembly.

The training was highly interactive, allowing participants to engage in discussions and practical exercises that reinforced the theoretical knowledge presented. This approach ensured that the future officers could relate the concepts to real-world scenarios, enhancing their understanding and preparedness for their roles.

Upon completion of the course, certificates were awarded to the students and a meeting to discuss the next step of the cooperation between RWI and the police academy in order to plan to engage further throughout the fall.

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