“How Do We Put an End to the Hunting Season on Journalists?”

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute is co-organising the Raoul Wallenberg Address 2019, an annual lecture focusing on civil courage, on June 5. 

The theme of this year’s event is courage in defence of media freedoms. Martin Schibbye, Editor in Chief of Blankspot, will deliver the keynote address. He will be joined by renowned Australian journalist Peter Greste.

Schibbye is certainly the right man to deliver this year’s keynote speech. During a reportage in Ethiopia in 2011, he was imprisoned for 438 days because of his research on oil hunt’s effect on the population in the conflict-ridden Ogaden region. Since then, Schibbye founded The Kality Foundation to help  journalists who are or risk being imprisoned for simply doing their jobs.

The event is organised together with the Raoul Wallenberg Academy, Fryshuset and the Australian Embassy in Sweden.

Killing the Messenger Will Silence the Message

In his speech, Schibbye will reflect on the increasing threats and violence against journalists all over the world.

“There has been a loss of respect for international conventions that have helped and protected journalists in war and peace,” he says, adding:

“A rise in the number of messy conflicts, lack of resources at media companies and, most important of all, an insight among states, militias and armies that violence against journalists works, have come together to create a perfect storm. By killing the messenger, they can silence the message, but how do we turn the tide?”

Jonathan Kenna, Australian Ambassador to Sweden, agrees.

“We see an increasing crackdown on media freedoms, and threats and violence against journalists in many parts of the world,” he says.

“The 2019 Address gives us a chance to hear from two courageous journalists whose experience and insights can inspire us all to defend media freedom. We aim to engage young people in lively interactive conversations about these issues.”

About the Event:

Where: Klubben, Fryshuset, Mårtendalsgatan 2-8, 120 30 Stockholm

When: June 5, 14.00-16.30 hrs.

Reception will be at Cafeteria Kalles Kök, Fryshuset from 14.00.

The event is public but seats are limited. See how to register below.

To register, sign up at:  

The first Raoul Wallenberg Address took place in 2018 to mark the 5-year anniversary of granting honorary Australian citizenship to Raoul Wallenberg and honour his courage.

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