Book launch

Book Launch: “Rescuing Human Rights: A Radically Moderate Approach”

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute welcomes you to the launch of the book “Rescuing Human Rights: A Radically Moderate Approach” by Hurst Hannum on May 28, 14.00-15-30.

The development of human rights is one of the most significant achievements in international relations and law since 1945. However, the concept is constantly challenged.

Actors like authoritarian regimes and nationalists question the concept of human rights. Moreover, the increasing number of rights and linkage to other social issues risk undermining the credibility, writes Hannum.

In his new book, Hannum seeks to limit the definition of the human rights concept to international human rights law. He argues that this ‘radically moderate’ approach to the concept is the best way to preserve the principle that we all have rights, simply because we are humans.

The book launch will take place at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Stora Gråbrödersgatan 17b, Lund (entrance from the yard on Lilla Gråbrödersgatan) in the Beijing room (ground floor). There will also be a panel discussion with Maria Green, Malin Oud and Radu Mares from the Raoul Wallenberg Institute.

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