Legal Clinic Cooperation Between The Institute’s Office In Cambodia And Turkey

PHNOM PENH: Gamze Rezan Sarışen, advisor for the Turkey Programme, visited the Institute’s office in Cambodia to support, and advise on a new legal clinic initiative in Cambodia.

Sarışen, who is responsible for the Institutes legal clinic programmes in Turkey, brings with her valuable experience of developing and managing legal clinic programmes.

“It is a great experience to visit the office in Cambodia and exchange views and ideas on the next steps of future common activities,” she says.

The Cambodia office is in the process of taking the next step in its effort to support human rights education and research at academic institutions in Cambodia.

Dararoth Ke, programme officer at the Cambodia Office and responsible for the legal clinic initiative, says after having successfully supported the development of a Master Programme in International Human Rights at Pannasastra University and a Research Centre at Royal University of Law and Economics, it is now natural to move on to support clinical legal education.

“It is generally very difficult for students to enter into the job market since they need both knowledge and skills,” he says. “Building clinical legal education into university programmes will give students an opportunity to develop the necessary capacities, which is not yet very common in Cambodia.”


During the week a two-day workshop introducing the concept of legal clinical education for participants from five academic institutions has been organised in cooperation with Pannasastra University and BABSEACLE. The workshop was followed up with a half-day planning meeting with Pannasastra University to outline concrete steps for legal clinic support in 2017. A meeting with RWI’s partner institution, Centre for the Study of Humanitarian Law (CSHL), was also organised.

RWI has been supporting clinical legal programs in Turkey for six years and supports law faculties and law teachers to develop their own clinical legal education and to spread the idea among related stakeholders.

“Making use of our extensive experience from our offices around the world makes us a true global organisation with unique knowledge,” says Andreas Ljungholm, Director of Cambodia office. “I think we in the years to come will see even more of this type of exchange between our offices drawing on each other’s strengths.”

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