Call for Applications: Raoul Wallenberg Institute Corrections Expert Roster

RWI has been carrying out human rights capacity development activities in cooperation with correctional services internationally since the mid-1990s, and has developed a distinct set of methodologies to support measureable improvements in compliance with international standards for human rights in corrections. In addition to internal expertise in the area of human rights and corrections, the Institute draws on external technical expertise as required for specific activities in this area and maintains a roster of experienced corrections experts for this purpose.
The roster was established following a world-wide call for applications from experts and rigorous assessment of applicants to be selected for inclusion as experts in the roster. Inclusion in the roster does not guarantee the offer of consultancy work and experts are considered for specific assignments depending on needs the Institute has and terms of reference for individual assignments, which are awarded, when necessary, following a competitive procedure.
Summary: At present, RWI is seeking to further develop its resource base concerning particularly female corrections, and is seeking to identify additional experts with specific experience in this area. The experts’ primary responsibilities will be to serve as trainers, facilitators, advisors, and developers of training and other tools, in RWI’s international correctional services programmes.
Tasks and Responsibilities: Reporting to relevant programme managers, the Experts’ main tasks when assigned are expected to include:

•    Contributing to the development of agendas, training tools, and other materials for programme activities;
•    Preparing and facilitating/delivering presentations and other capacity development sessions;
•    Facilitating the conduct and follow-up of institutional assessments against international  human rights standards and development of associated action plans;
•    Drafting reports to RWI on relevant activities and programmes;
•    Advising on programme development and implementation strategies.
•    Meeting with senior correctional managers and other counterparts together with or on behalf of RWI; and
•    Participating in and contributing substantially to international conferences together with or on behalf of RWI.


The conduct of activities may require substantial international travel, long working hours and in some instances difficult conditions. Experts should ideally be available for assignments at short notice.


Qualifications: Experience

•    Substantial experience as a correctional practitioner, at a range of different security levels, and including as manager of a correctional institution, at headquarters; and from the community correctional environment;
•    Specific experience with female corrections, preferably involving both institutional and community corrections, and at a managerial level;
•    Experience delivering training and providing other capacity development to correctional practitioners; and
•    Relevant experience of work in developing countries.


Experts are expected to have knowledge of:

•    International human rights instruments and standards relevant to corrections as well as relevant United Nations Standards and Norms in Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice;
•    Good practices in legislative and regulatory content as concerns corrections in different parts of the world;
•    Common challenges related to practical implementation of law, regulations, and standard operating procedures in corrections;
•    Management theory and practice in a correctional environment;
•    External/internal inspection/audit practice;
•    Adult training methodologies; and
•    MS Office applications.


Experts are expected to be able to:

•    Demonstrate a commitment to human rights principles both in professional and personal deportment;
•    Communicate well verbally and in writing, in English;
•    Impart knowledge in different learning environments to adults;
•    Work as part of a team; to relinquish control and to take control as and when necessary;
•    Take direction;
•    Understand and function non-judgmentally in cultures with different values and working practices from their own;
•    Maintain a positive attitude and demeanour;
•    Provide careful analysis and advice;
•    Respond in a short time frame to unforeseen demands;
•    Interact successfully with all actors, ranging from the most junior officers to the most senior politicians and civil servants; and
•    Work successfully under pressure, and being able to adapt to different and difficult working conditions.

It is desirable that candidates possess all stated qualifications in order to meet the requirements for the full range of assignments RWI currently can offer. Candidates possessing only some of the qualifications may be selected for relevant assignments based upon specific needs.
Application Procedure
Please send your curriculum vitae and cover letter to Mr. Josh Ounsted not later than 22 April 2016.

Josh Ounsted

Josh Ounsted

Head of Access to Justice Thematic Area

Phone: +46 46 222 12 00

Josh is Head of the Thematic Area ‘Access to Justice’.

He previously served as the Director of the RWI Regional Office in Nairobi and before that as Director of the Institute’s Office in Jakarta. Prior to working for RWI, he worked for organisations including the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, and the Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defence of Human Rights.

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