Big Project Launched to Reform the Tunisian Judicial Sector

Tunisian justice systemThe RWI MENA Office in Amman attended a high level seminar for the launching of the “Institutional Twinning Project among Tunisia, Spain, France and Italy” in Tunisia on February 11. The €4 million project is funded by the European Union.

The project intends to bring about a comprehensive reform in the judicial sector in Tunisia to reinforce institutional and organizational capacity, independence, and access to justice.

A number of European embassies, UN agencies, international and national organizations, as well as the European Union, Ministry of Justice and the Tunisian Judicial Institute were all present.

“The timing of the program is rather fitting,” says Eman Siam, Programme Officer at the Amman office. “The Tunisian judiciary system is going through a transitional period and is therefore currently susceptible to accommodate positive change.”

And the objectives of this wide-ranging EU project are similar to the Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s goals in the region. Both are aiming to develop the Judicial Institute’s training curricula, but in different ways and at different times. The EU is looking to do so by working on legislative reform, while the Raoul Wallenberg Institute is working with changing mentalities, empowering the role of the judge, and introducing different teaching approaches.

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