RWI Turkey Program partners visited South Africa

The Anadolu University Law Faculty, one of the partners of the institute, and winners of the Institute’s Human Rights Essay Prize in Turkey visited Live Client Law Clinics in South Africa 1-6 October. Four academicians from Anadolu University were accompanied by the three prize winners and two Programme Officers from the Institute. The purpose of the trip was to visit Live Client Law Clinics and observe Street Law-Type Clinical Legal Education. The program was hosted by Prof. David McQuoid Mason, international expert in the field of Street Law-Type Clinical Legal Education.

The Turkish delegation visited two South African universities. University of the Witwatersrand Law Clinics in Johannesburg, and Kwazulu-Natal university Street Law Clinic in Durban. The programme also included visits to paralegal and legal aid organizations. The five day program also covered many other different topics, such as;

  • Street Law Program; curriculum and material development, practical implementation, learning outcomes and assessment methods
  • Methods used to train large numbers of law students and service delivery during trainings and implementation of clinic programs
  • Paralegal trainings and proposed paralegal curriculum for Africa
  • Organisational structure of Law Clinics, operational tools and funding system

Anadolu University Law Faculty will establish a pilot Street Law-type Clinical Legal Education Program for the 2012-2013 academic period.

Street law-type clinical legal education is designed to enable law students make school children, prisoners, and members of communities aware of their legal rights. Street law explains to people “on the street” how the law affects them in their daily life. The Institute supports Street Law Clinical Legal Education in law faculties in order to support fundamental human rights and freedoms through legal education in Turkey. Anadolu University will be the first state university to incorporate street law-type clinical legal education into its curricula.

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