US Ambassador visited the Institute

The US Ambassador to Sweden, Mr Mark Brzezinski, visited the Institute in Lund this week. The visit to was part of the US Embassy´s “roadshow” through Sweden that included a visit to Lund and the University. The Ambassador turned out to be well informed about Raoul Wallenberg and expressed great interested in the Institute´s work.

Being a lawyer by training Mark Brzezinski seemed to be familiar with the Institute´s priorities and work, and engaged in an informed discussion with the institute´s director Marie Tuma and senior staff. Before being appointed Ambassador to Sweden in 2011, he was partner in a Washington DC law firm specializing in anti-corruption law. Before this he served as advisor to the President in issues relating to Russia, Eurasia and the Balkans. He also served as a Director on the National Security Council, and later helped lead US policy implementation in relation to NATO enlargement and in response to the Kosovo conflict. He has also specialized in anti-corruption law “overseas”, and how the rule of law can be used to address it.

The Ambassador impressed staff at the Institute by being very knowledgeable about Raoul Wallenberg and confirmed the great interest for Raoul Wallenberg in the US.

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