baseline study

The Integration of Human Rights in the Nationally Determined Contributions in Asia-Pacific to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

This study is the result of a collaborative research between the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI), under its Regional Asia Programme on Human Rights and Sustainable Development (2017-2021), and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). The study is intended to provide a baseline for future regional policy development and standard setting related to human rights protection within the framework of environment and climate change. In particular, it aims at supporting the Paris Agreement process by analysing the Nationally Determined Contributions of 32 countries in the Asia Pacific Region. The central question addressed is to what extent states in the Asia Pacific region have included references to human rights (both direct and indirect) in their NDCs/INDCs submitted to the UNFCCC Secretariat. By surveying the inclusion of human rights references in NDCs/INDCs, this study hopes to identify concrete opportunities for follow up actions.

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