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Lecture about the War in Ukraine with Natia Kalandarishvili-Mueller

The war in Ukraine: how to apply international humanitarian law, international human rights law and international criminal law

RWI Invites students to the RWI Library for a lecture with Natia Kalandarishvili-Mueller about the War in Ukraine and how to apply international humanitarian law, international human rights law and international criminal law. Please join us!

Time: 17:00 – 18:00

Date: 5th October, 2023

Place: RWI Library (Lilla Gråbrödersgatan 3A, 222 22 Lund)

Natia Kalandarishvili-Mueller is full professor of international law at ALTE University in Tbilisi, Georgia, where she teaches public international law and international humanitarian law. She is the author of Occupation and Control in International Humanitarian Law (Routledge, 2020). Prof. Kalandarishvili-Mueller is currently Visiting Research Fellow, at the Swedish Defence University, Center for International and Operational Law in Stockholm, under the scheme of EU Grant for Georgian Scholars. Since 2008, Prof. Kalandarishvili-Mueller has been teaching international humanitarian law at Tbilisi State University, International Law Institute, at both BA and LLM levels, giving lectures and seminars alike in Georgian and English. In the past, she was a Chief Legal Specialist in International Law at the Office of the State Ministry for Reintegration of Georgia (currently the State Ministry for Reconciliation and Civic Equality), where she worked on issues related to international humanitarian law. She holds a Law Degree from Tbilisi State University, an LLM in IHL from the Geneva Academy, and a PhD in Law from the University of Essex.

Her research concerns the topic of Situation of Siege: The Inter-Application of International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights, and International Criminal Law. Her research thus explores the legal framework applicable to such situations geared towards effectively protecting the rights of the besieged. The broader question that her research deals with is as follows: how are sieges regulated by international law? More specifically, how do International Humanitarian Law (IHL), International Human Rights Law (IHRL), and International Criminal Law (ICL) co-apply and relate to such situations?

Photo by Anastasiia Krutota on Unsplash

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