The Child in International Refugee law

In this podcast, Dr Jason Pobjoy presents his book “The Child in international refugee law” where he summarize his work and conclusions regarding his research.

Children are the victims of some of the most devastating examples of state-sanctioned and private human rights abuses. In increasing numbers, they are attempting to find international protection, and are forced to navigate complex administrative and legal processes that fail to take into account their distinct needs and vulnerabilities.


The key challenges they face in establishing entitlement to refugee protection are their invisibility and the risk of incorrect assessment. Drawing on an extensive and original analysis of case-law involving child refugees, Dr Jason Pobjoy considers the extent to which these challenges may be overcome by greater engagement between international refugee law and international law on the rights of the child.

Dr Jason Pobjoy presenting his book at Lund University.

About Dr Jason Pobjoy

Dr Jason Pobjoy is a barrister at Blackstone Chambers, where he has a broad practice including public and human rights law, refugee and immigration law and public international law. He appears regularly in the General Court, Court of Justice, European Court of Human Rights and United Kingdom Supreme Court. He is a Research Associate at the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford.

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