Belarusian students attend summer course on human rights in Lund.

Announcing Human Rights Research Exchange for Belarusian Academics

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute has launched a research exchange cooperation for academics in Belarus. The opportunity will be offered to three English speaking researchers from Belarus to come to Sweden in November of 2017 with the aim to help further develop quality human rights research, including gender equality research, among academics in Belarus.

The cooperation also aims to contribute to improved quality and increased availability of relevant academic research products on human rights (including gender equality) relevant to be used for public policy dialogue and formal and non-formal education. As a result of the research exchange, it is expected that the successful candidate will write an academic paper on a human rights theme of relevance to the Belarusian context.

Through the research exchange RWI offers:

 access to a conducive research environment,
 supervision from experienced human rights professors and senior researchers,
 access to research materials through one of the largest human rights libraries in Europe, and
 opportunities for the researcher to enhance her/his knowledge and skills relating to research methodology, academic writing and, if applicable, teaching methodologies.

Find out more about the program and here you’ll find the application form. Here is the Research Plan Template.

All application materials should be submitted together at the latest on the 2 October 2017 at 08:00 (GMT+2).

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