New Policy Brief: Inconvenient Human Rights

Martha F. Davis and Natasha Ryan present a new policy brief, based on a full report published earlier this year, that concludes that Sweden has an obligation to provide water and sanitation that meet basic human rights standards.

“Access to water and sanitation must be available to all people present in a jurisdiction, not just segments of the population,” write the report’s authors.

The report, issues in April of 2016, found that Swedish municipalities have initiated more than 80 evictions of vulnerable EU citizens, mostly Roma, from informal settlements on the grounds of poor sanitation since 2013.

The UN Human Rights Committee reviewed Sweden’s compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in March 2016. The Committee urged the Swedish government to extend access to basic services to vulnerable foreigners, not just nationally, but also on a local level.

This policy brief argues that Swedish municipalities are well-positioned to shift gears and to take a leadership role in ensuring that these basic human rights of vulnerable EU citizens are respected.

Read the entire policy brief in English or Swedish.

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