The Göteborg Book Fair

The Göteborg Book Fair is an annual four day book fair that brings together a wide range of national and international actors to discus and debate on topical issues.

Apart from being represented at the International Square of the Book Fair, staff members gave various talks on the Institute’s work.  Visitors had the opportunity to take part of our work with the prison service in Kenya, as well as get to know the role of libraries in development cooperation. The access to information and literature is crucial when promoting and protecting human rights. Despite the expansion of the internet, adequate training is critical to navigate and explore the possibilities of open access databases and other relevant sources of information.

In connection with the 20th anniversary of the Institute’s presence in China, Rolf Ring, deputy director, and Malin Oud, former head of the Institute’s office in Beijing, held a presentation on the Institute’s achievements and challenges when promoting human rights in China. Over the years, the Institute has developed a comprehensive programme of human rights education and capacity building support to Chinese academia and to key justice sector actors such as the Chinese prosecution service. The work in China is one of several examples on how the Institute’s profile as an independent academic institution combined with a long-term commitment can make a difference.

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