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Note from director of Beijing office

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute initiated cooperation with Chinese institutions in the mid-1990s.

In the beginning, the Institute held human rights training courses for high-level representatives in primarily the justice sector, while developing exchanges and cooperation with academic institutions.

With the establishment of a presence in Beijing in 2001, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute began implementing a comprehensive programme focusing on human rights cooperation with Chinese academia and the Chinese justice sector, primarily the Procuratorate.

 The 2014-2016 human rights capacity development programme in China

Discrimination in ChinaThe programme includes cooperation with the National Prosecutor’s College in Beijing and provincial branch colleges throughout China to strengthen the human rights component as part of the professional training for prosecutors. RWI has also initiated cooperation with the provincial police academy in Guangxi province, aiming to train police academy teachers in international human rights standards and human rights teaching methodology.

In the field of juvenile justice, RWI works with Haidian District People’s Procuratorate in Beijing to support their efforts to improve prosecutorial mechanisms for juvenile defendants in line with international human rights standards. As part of this focus on juvenile justice, RWI is also supporting capacity building of social workers who are increasingly involved in juvenile cases.

The programme also includes cooperation with Chinese academic institutions on human rights education. The Institute’s partner, Peking University Law School’s Research Centre for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, started China’s first human rights programme at post-graduate level in 2004 with support from the Institute.

RWI continues to support this important master programme, and also works with other academic institutions across China aiming to increase and improve human rights education available to students.

To increase networking and cooperation opportunities for human rights teachers, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute supports the National Human Rights Education Annual Meeting organised in cooperation with Chinese universities, the Danish Institute for Human Rights and the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights.

The Programme also supports multi-stakeholder research and consultations on targeted human rights topics, such as the rights of people with disabilities, non-discrimination in employment, national human rights institutions, and human rights standards in development aid.

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute programme in China is funded through Swedish Development Cooperation.

The Beijing office

Chen Ting Ting

Chen Ting Ting

Senior Programme Officer

Phone: +86 (0) 10 8532 3615

Ting Ting holds a MSc degree in Poverty Reduction and Development Management at Birmingham University. She has worked with RWI in Beijing from 2002, focusing on academic sector cooperation projects. Before joining RWI, Tingting worked at a Women’s Income Generating Project in Xinjiang Province in western China.