Two successful days

-We couldn´t believe a swede from a well known family would engage in us, the jewish people, and our faith. He was a legend, says Peter Kadar and remembers how his mother just said one word when she came back to him after having been saved:


The images and aspects of Raoul Wallenbergs life and deed were shared and discussed in a televised portrayal of Raoul Wallenberg hosted by the Institute at the Swedish Forum for Human Rights.

Besides Peter Kadar, Raoul Wallenberg´s young relative Michael Wernstedt was present, as well as the researcher Lars Brink and the minister for EU-affairs Birgitta Ohlsson.

-Around the world I have met people who have him to thank for their lives. Children and grandchildren of people he saved, said Birgitta Ohlsson and Lars Brink brought up his upbringing as a true humanist and as a cosmopolitan as being one of the factors behind his civil courage.

-He just didn´t make any difference between people. He did the only thing he could.

Michael Wernstedt shared that he was brought up with stories about his famous relative.

-And I can see that what he did was fantastic, he had a moral and let it rule his life and choices.

The Institute was hosting seven seminars at the Swedish Forum for Human Rights, among them a seminar about Human Rights Based Approach, on about the International Criminal Court and one about Business and Human Rights. Three seminars concerned the right to education and its implementation in a Swedish context.

Christina Johnsson, Head of the Department for Research, Academic Education, Publications and the Library, during the seminar on Human Rights Based Approach















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