Training programme for Belarusian academics

-I am impressed. This is a group of highly qualified participants, says Henrik Andersen, programme officer at the Institute and responsible for a two week training programme for Belarusian academics, held in Lund.

-And best of all – they seem to be curious to involve in discussions with each other.

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute recently welcomed a group of 28 representatives of Belarusian Academia, Civil Society and the Ministry of Justice for a two week training programme on “International and Swedish experience of the promotion and protection of human rights: theory and practice”.

The aim of the programme is to provide human rights education from a cross-sectoral perspective, and the group turned out to be truly mixed. Representatives from civil society sat along experienced civil servants in the Institute´s Beijing conference room, and young lawyers sided with older professors of law. 

–During the coming two weeks we are hoping to generate constructive discussions about human rights and the benefits that can be drawn for all Belarusians from a higher level of implementation of human rights in Belarus, says Henrik Andersen. The ambition is to carry out similar activities in the coming two years as well.

The two week programme is part of a cooperation with universities in Belarus around human rights, running for two more years. Activities carried out in 2012 has included research visits to the Institute by Belarusian academia, the organization of lectures on human rights via Skype for Belarusian students, study visits for lecturers and professors to the human rights institutions, translation and printing of human rights literature in Belarusian and Russian languages and  research on Gender Equality at Universities in Belarus.

Funding for the activities is provided through a grant from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

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