New Algerian Study on the Rights of the Child Initiated

RWI’s regional office in Amman  held a high-level ceremony recently to launch a new Algerian comparative research study that aims at analyzing challenges of national laws and bringing forward applicable judicial recommendations and solutions related to the best interest of the child, the child’s right of lineage and the rights of children deprived of liberty.

The study is titled “Implementing international standards related to the rights of the child in the Algerian legal system”.

The event was held in Algeria under the patronage of the Ministry of Justice and in cooperation with the Higher School of Judiciary in Algeria. Nearly 100 people from the judicial, legal, academic sector and UN agencies attended the event. A detailed session was also convened in the afternoon of the same day with 40 judges and officials working with child cases to discuss the research at length.

Senior RWI programme Officer Eman Siam spoke at the event where she commended the decision taken by the Ministry of Justice to prolong the course duration at the judiciary school to 4 years instead of 3, with the intention of adapting the school curriculum to integrate the new training methodology in the application of international conventions beginning in the fall 2018.

“The decision to integrate the newly developed training methodology in the Algerian Judicial School’s curricula is a valuable step towards creating highly qualified judges and trainers capable of reading, analysing and interpreting national laws from international human rights perspective,” said Siam.

The event was also a platform to highlight the other three regional books produced with the participation of seven Arab countries in the MENA Region with regard to:


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