RWI’s Research Director Awarded Drassow Prize

Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, RWI’s Research Director, has been awarded the Danish Authors’ Guild’s so-called “peace prize” for his 2016 book “How do we solve the refugee crisis?” or “Hvordan løser vi flygtningekrisen?” in Danish.

Formally called the “Drassow prize” after its benefactor Frode Drassow, it has been awarded since 1989 to a Danish author who through his or her work makes an effort to promote and ensure understanding of ideas related to peace and intercultural understanding. Former recipients include several notable Danish authors, including Jørgen Leth, Carsten Jensen and Inger Christensen.

“Writing shorter and more accessible books like this one don’t get you points in the academic world,” says Gammeltoft-Hansen. “Hence, I was particularly honoured to receive this acknowledgement from the Danish literary community. It shows the importance that scholars engage in wider societal debates, even on politically contentious issues, like the ‘refugee crisis’.”

The book will now come out in audio form.

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