Researchers from Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia to Talk on Human Rights

human rights south east asiaFive researchers from Southeast Asia that the Raoul Wallenberg Institute have been supporting will participate in a panel discussion Tuesday at the Southeast Asian Human Rights Network (SEAHRN) Conference in Bangkok.

The panel includes papers by researchers from Cambodia, Mynamar, and Vietnam who have been working with the Institute and Lund University academics to strengthen the human rights angle of their research.

The papers look into, amongst others areas, labor rights, women’s rights, and challenges in balancing business practices with human rights, including protection of the environment within the context of a globalised era.

“Under the Institute’s annual Regional Research Initiative, which is currently in its third year, RWI provides mentorship and peer support to academics within the region to conduct human rights research,” says Sue Anne Teo, RWI Programme Officer.

The initiative aims to contribute to improving what RWI identifies as one of the key problems for human rights education in the Southeast Asian region: the lack of capacity of academic institutions to deliver high-quality human rights education and research and contribute to the human rights debate in society.

The panel will take place on 11 October at Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok

It will consist of research papers touching on topics related to RWI’s focus areas of inclusive societies, economic globalization and human rights.

The panel is titled Economic Globalisation, Inclusive Societies and Human Rights.

The researchers and their topics are:

• Thuy Thi Thanh Phan, Social Enterprises in Vietnam: Legal and Policy Issues in a Comparative Perspective
• Chuyen Duc Nguyen, Responsibility of Business Enterprises in Vietnam to Respect Environmental Protection: A Critical Analysis on Human Rights Due Diligence Process upon the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

• Khin Chit Chit: The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence in Myanmar

• Chey Maramy, Child Labor Inhibits the Education in Cambodia
• Hay Chanthol, Labor Standard, Pay and Labor Rights in Cambodia: The Case of the Garment Sector

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