Two Weeks of Work in Cambodia

I have now blogged for two weeks and my time is up. It has been nice to have the opportunity to reflect on what we are actually doing in the office.

I very often find it hard to explain what I am really doing during the days, but with this blog I have been forced to reflect every evening about what I have done during the day and why I am in Cambodia. It has been very useful. I have realised that we do a lot. I have been reminded about the amazing colleagues I have in Cambodia. And I have understood how much I enjoy working with something I believe in.

Instead of writing a long final post for the blog I have put together a short film from the last two weeks (18-28 May). I think it well represent two normal weeks at our office.

I am now handing over the blogging to somebody else. I still do not know who it will be, but I am looking forward to read about my colleagues’ endeavours all around the world. Stay tuned for the next blogger who will take over in June.

Thanks for reading.

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