5th International Conference on Human Rights Education

A delegation of Cambodian and Chinese academics supported by RWI took part in the 5th International Conference on Human Rights Education which this year was hosted 4-6 December by the American University in Washington D.C. During two intensive days the participants attended a number of sessions dealing with Human Rights Education, including “Diverse Education Strategies in Human Rights Education” and “Human Rights Education in Transitional Justice Environments”. A couple of the delegates also presented papers during the conference, for example Gao Wei from Wuhan University Public Interest and Development Law Institute in China who presented a paper titled “Teaching Disability Rights in University – A Case Study on Disability Rights Curriculum Development in China”.

Gao Wei says:

“It was excellent to have the opportunity to present my paper on disability rights at an international forum. A number of individuals from different parts of the world doing research on disability rights approached me after my presentation and my academic network has indeed expanded which will be useful for my future work.”

Andreas Ljungholm , Head of RWI’s office in Cambodia, explains why RWI supports Cambodian academics to take part in the 5th International Conference on Human Rights Education:

“We support Cambodian academics to participate in this conference in order for them to increase their human rights knowledge and teaching and research skills. Also, and maybe most importantly, we want to give them opportunities to expand their academic networks. Such opportunities are very limited for Cambodian academics. Without international exposure and international contacts, Cambodian academics will work in isolation which will hamper the development of academic human rights research and education in Cambodia.”

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