Education is key to promoting human rights, says Do Qui Hoang

Do Qui Hoang is a lecturer at the International Law Faculty at the Hanoi Law University. His research area is Public International Law, with a special focus on the International Human Rights Law. He is currently participating in RWI’s fellowship programme in Lund where he hopes to expand upon his knowledge and skills to aid in his research into human rights protection mechanisms in Vietnam.

Why are you conducting a dissertation on human rights protection mechanisms in Vietnam?

In my opinion, I think it’s very important not only in my national context, but also internationally. Right now there is an alarming situation that millions of people are born and die without knowing that they are the subject of human rights. It’s sad and it makes it very hard to protect them. Through my project I’d like to improve awareness and understanding among people that they have these protections.

I think teaching and raising awareness of human rights is the only way to overcome this situation. This is the first condition to protect and promote human rights in practice.

At the same time, the government must have solutions to raise awareness, understanding, and the solutions to protect and promote human rights, especially through education.

What attracted you to this RWI fellowship?

As a lecturer, I am clearly aware that enhancing my knowledge is very important for teaching. I think this is a very good career opportunity. I’m getting many opportunities to enhance my research and teaching skills through exchanging ideas with experts here. In addition, this fellowship also gives me the opportunity to use one of the most famous human rights libraries in the world where I can find many useful materials for my work.


What do you think you’ll take back with you to Vietnam?

I think I will learn many new things from this Fellowship Programme. And when I go back to my home university, I will try my best to apply all the knowledge and skills that I have learned here to aid me in my work – whether I’m giving lectures to students, writing articles or organising seminars and workshops.

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