Fellowship Programme for Academics and Scholars in Southeast Asia August – November 2014


Through international development cooperation projects and through its various research and training initiatives, the Institute strives to be a meeting point for theory and practice in the implementation of human rights. To further support these efforts the Institute offers fellowships for three months in Lund, Sweden.

The aim of the fellowship is to increase the capacities of the fellows to carry out applied research on human rights, contributing to increased access to human rights research of relevance in Southeast Asia. As a result of the fellowship it is expected that the successful candidate will write an academic paper on a human rights theme of regional relevance in Southeast Asia.

Through the fellowship, the Institute offers;

  • access to a conducive research environment,
  • supervision from experienced human rights professors,
  • access to research materials through one of the largest human rights libraries in Europe, and
  • opportunities for the fellow to enhance her/his knowledge and skills relating to research methodology, academic writing and, if applicable, teaching methodologies.

In 2014, two fellowships are offered to academics/scholars from Cambodia, East Timor, Lao PDR, Myanmar or Vietnam.

Please see attached Terms of Reference for additional information about the conditions and expected results of the fellowship.

Funding and Facilities

The fellow will be based at the Institute in Lund, Sweden, for the duration of the fellowship. A scholarship of 14.000 SEK per month will be awarded the fellow, covering all necessary personal expenses in Lund, including housing. In addition to the scholarship, RWI will cover the cost of a round trip economy ticket to Lund, office space, computer/Internet connections, emergency medical insurance, and access to the Institute’s library.


In order to apply for the Fellowship candidates must have

  • A university degree
  • Be academically linked to a university in one of the targeted countries
  • Demonstrated experience of research and/or teaching in human rights or a related field
  • Fluency in written and spoken English


The fellowships will be awarded through a competitive procedure based on individual applications.

Eligible candidates should submit their application including;

  • Letter of motivation addressing the following points;
    • The main reasons for applying for the fellowship
    • Research project/plan that the candicate intendes to develop during the fellowship, including a tentative time line (maximum 3 pages)
    • Clarifications of research experience and, if applicable, teaching experience
    • How the candidate intends to use the acquired knowledge upon return to the home institution, including specific activities that the fellow would undertake at the home institution as a result of the fellowship (e.g. share knowledge and experience with peers through a seminar, workshop, training of trainers activity, etc)
    • The potential impact of the fellowship particularly on the home institution, but also, on nation and/or region upon return
  • Updated CV
  • A letter of support from the closest manager (“employer”) allowing candidate to spend three months at the Institute to undertake a fulltime fellowship

All application materials should be submitted together at the latest on the 14 May 2014 at 08:00 (GMT+2) to the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Att: Zophie Landahl, Box 1155, 221 05 Lund, SWEDEN, or by e-mail to zophie.landahl@rwi.lu.se

The fellowship should start no later than 25 August 2014. For further information, please contact Mr David Eile, Programme Officer, Department of International Programmes, +46 46 222 12 58 david.eile@rwi.lu.se  or Ms Zophie Landahl, Programme Associate, Department of International Programmes, +46 46 222 12 24 zophie.landahl@rwi.lu.se

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