Workshop on National Inquiries

From 31 March- 3 April 2014, the Institute together with the Asia Pacific Forum (APF), held a workshop on the topic of National Inquiries with the National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh. During the workshop the process of how to conduct a national inquiry was the main focus, and the Commission was provided with a step-by-step understanding of the methodology. The manual on the topic  published by the Institue and APF in 2012, was the basis for the training and it explains in a systematic way what steps are necessary to consider when undertaking a national inquiry.

For the final day of the workshop the Commission was asked to engage in a role-play, to further consolidate the theory with practical exercises. The role play was an enactment of a public hearing which formed part of a fictional national inquiry. The representatives from the Commission was provided with a fabricated background of the topic of the inquiry and was designated different roles to play. Some were part of the Inquiry Team conducting the hearing and some were witnesses giving evidence before the inquiry. It was a very appreciated component of the training by the Commission and it provided insight into the way in which such hearings can be organized.

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