Exit Corell

– I am happy our good relations with Sida have been maintained during my years at the chair, and that we have made some important decisions regarding the future of the Institute.

Long before Hans Corell became the chairperson at the Institute, he was a friend and a supporter of the Institute from his various positions at the Department of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

– I remember when Göran Melander approached me with the idea of creating a human rights institute in Lund back in 1984, recalls Hans Corell. I was delighted and made sure the process was swift and effective. I had heard that the other Nordic countries were creating institutes and didn´t want us to fall behind.

Many years later, in 2006, he entered the chair of the Institute. To set a new organizational structure became one of his first tasks. He tries to remember everything that since then has passed through his hands.

– The new offices in Amman and Istanbul were great achievements of course. And the Wallenberg guest professor. And the new focus on corporate social responsibility. So much has happened the last few years. That our library has been recognized internationally is also very good.

Hans Corell is a very alert chairman and person. He moves quickly from high to low, and has opinions about things.

– The rule of law is essential to build a state, which I have emphasized to the Minister of Development aid many times, he says with great forte and continues: You have to do something about the color of the website! This light background is not good for an old man´s eyes. Contrasts are necessary to have a good website.

Hans Corell promises to keep an eye on the website in the future, but has already set his eyes on new tasks and responsibilities.

– I am on the board of four international organisations at the moment, he explains and mentions the International  Bar Association. From next year I will also be one of four lawyers in the Hammaskjöld Commission, we are brought in to look closer into what actually happened to Dag Hammarskjöld. My mailbox is already full of mails regarding this.

So, from Raoul Wallenberg to Dag Hammaskjöld. Isn´t this man ever going to retire and spend some time with his family?

– Of course, there are three grandchildren, he says proudly. And perhaps I should spend some more time with Klara, aged two and a half. It is just still very interesting to be part of the global world.

Hans Corell will be replaced by Lennart Svensäter as chairperson of the Institute. An interview with Lennart Svensäter will follow in the beginning of 2013. See www.havc.se for more information about Hans Corell.

Lennart Svensäter and Hans Corell
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