Year in Review: People on the Move

During three years, Matthew Scott, senior researcher from the Raoul Wallenberg Institute and leader of RWI’s ‘People on the Move’ thematic area, together with local and regional academic partners, investigated the legal frameworks and implementation challenges related to displacement of persons in the context of disaster and climate change. In 2020, the research could be presented at a regional launch in Bangkok.

Read more about the project and the research that took place in and with researchers from China, Cambodia,Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands:

Climate Change and Disaster Related Displacement of Persons

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Climate change, disasters and Internal displacement in Asia and the Pacific: A human rights-based approach

This three-year project set out to, with a human rights based approach, gain insight into the varieties of disaster- and climate-related displacement in the region, and considers how the national legal and policy frameworks in the ten countries address: the prevention of displacement, protection of people during displacement, and the facilitation of durable solutions.




Year in Review 2020

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