We have been engaged in human rights activities in Europe since 1984. We have offered regional training programmes for key stakeholders from Eastern Europe and Central Asia on human rights and human rights of women. Furthermore, we cooperated with the Ombudsman Institution in Georgia, as well as with the Ombudsman Institutions in Armenia and Azerbaijan, and with the Young Lawyers Association in Azerbaijan.

Today, we are working in Sweden, Belarus and Turkey. We also have an Inclusion Academy targeting Norway, Finland, and Sweden.

In 2017-2018 we will implement a new project ‘Public Legal Education (PLE): cooperation between Academia and Civil Society’. The project aims at promoting information exchange in the Nordic countries and Northwest Russia on means to increase access to legal information.


lund human rights

Our office, and headquarters, in Lund, Sweden, was established in 1984. In 2016, we opened  the Stockholm office, which aims to build our presence in the Swedish capital. Read more


We began cooperation in Belarus in 2008. At the moment, cooperation is primarily with academic institutions. Read more


istanbulOur cooperation in Turkey began in 1997. We support the development of human rights teaching and research capacity at legal education institutions and the sharing of this expertise with students and justice sector stakeholders. Read more