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Statement Relating to the current situation in Myanmar

Feb. 22.
For almost a decade, we have worked with partners in Myanmar to contribute to a wider understanding of, and respect for, human rights. The institute has supported numerous institutions and individuals across the country to increase their capacity through human rights education and research initiatives.

During the course of our work in Myanmar we have highlighted the importance of democratic governance and for state institutions to respect, protect and fulfill human rights in accordance with international standards.

Our vision is just and inclusive societies with the effective realisation of human rights for all. In our work, we therefore stress the need to uphold democratic institutions and processes, and to refrain from violence and fully respect human rights, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law. As an academic human rights institute we also believe that academic freedom constitutes a fundamental element of vibrant democracies and is essential to advance economic and social development and to generate sustainable peace and prosperity.

With the current state of affairs in Myanmar in mind, we hope for a swift return to a situation where full respect for human rights, democratic principles and rule of law prevails.

In order to facilitate easy access to information and further research, we have below compiled UN material and other official texts relating to the situation in Myanmar.

Material relating to the current situation in Myanmar

UN Security Council press statement on situation in Myanmar (4 February 2021)

Human Rights Council Resolution A/HRC/S-29/L.1 (12 February 2021)

ASEAN Chairman's Statement on the developments in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (1 February 2021)

UN expert sounds alarm ahead of expected protests (16 February 2021)

Statement by Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Nada Al-Nashif at the UN Human Rights Council Special Session on the Human Rights Implications of the Crisis in Myanmar (12 February 2021)

Background material on the situation in Myanmar

National report submitted by the Myanmar government as part of the Universal Periodic Review process (2 November 2020)

Compilation of UN information submitted as part of the Universal Periodic Review process (12 November 2020)

Summary of stakeholder information submitted as part of the Universal Periodic Review process (12 November 2020)

Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar (1 September 2020)

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