Network of African National Human Rights Institutions

Regional Sub-Saharan Africa Programme

Within its current regional programme in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Institute aims to support the development of regional academic centres and institutions of excellence for building capacities in promoting human rights, peace and security, through education, policy research, harmonisation of laws and standards and resources development.

Key partnerships include the Institute for Peace, Leadership and Governance, Africa University (Zimbabwe) and the Centre of Studies on Regional Integration and SADC Law, Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique).

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute also works to enhance the capacity, and in doing so the role of, NHRIs and their regional cooperation mechanisms to effectively fulfil their mandates in promoting and protecting human rights in Sub-Saharan Africa through close cooperation with the Secretariat of the Network of African Human Rights Institutions (NANHRI).

Through cooperation with the East African Court of Justice, and other African regional judicial bodies, the Institute seeks to improve access to justice for East African citizens through the services of an effective regional court. In partnership with the Kenyan CSO Africa Youth Trust, the Institute works to strengthen human rights of women and peace building in East Africa to enhance regional approaches for addressing gender in peace and security initiatives.

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute regional programme in Sub-Saharan Africa is financially supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

For more information on this programme, contact

Johannes Eile

Johannes Eile

Director of Programmes

Phone: + 46 46 222 12 26

Johannes Eile holds a Master of Laws from Lund University, with specialisation in public international law and human rights. He has been working for RWI since 2000 in various capacities at the Department of International Programmes. Johannes has experience of work in primarily Sub-Saharan African countries, but also from countries in the Middle East, Southern Caucasus and South/South East Asia. He has coordinated methodology development work concerning e.g. RBM and development of large scale programme proposals, programme interventions and tenders.

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