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Our current work in Zimbabwe aims to contribute to the enhanced enjoyment of constitutional rights in the country, through legislation, policies, practices and decision-making being increasingly informed by international human rights standards and principles.

We have been engaged in supporting initiatives in the area of democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe since 1992.

Cooperation in Zimbabwe over the years has included:

  • Human rights training for police, the armed forces, the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Human Rights and Humanitarian law (support for the development of state reports to international human rights treaty bodies)
  • Capacity development for and implementation of activities in cooperation with the Human Rights Trust for Southern Africa
  • Support with human rights documentation to the law library at the University of Zimbabwe.

We have also awarded scholarships, with Swedish funding, to Zimbabweans to participate in the Master in International Human Rights Law programme, carried out jointly by RWI and the Faculty of Law at Lund University.

Our current cooperation programme in Zimbabwe has two high-level strategies:

  • Strengthen the capacities among main stakeholders (academia, independent research centres, civil society organisations, government institutions, independent commissions, traditional leadership and media) to promote, respect, protect and fulfil human rights within their respective mandate.
  • Enhance the means and space for main stakeholders to constructively engage with each other.

In order to give effect to these strategies for intervention, the Programme primarily focuses on cooperation regarding:

  • Support for the development of human rights education at academic partner institutions, including programme, course and curricula development and teaching methodology, with a particular focus on clinical legal education
  • Development of literature resources at among others, academic institutions
  • Support for the development and publication of policy-oriented research
  • Delivery of cross-sectoral professional training programmes on various aspects of human rights. This brings together representatives of academia, IRCs, CSOs, government institutions, independent commissions, traditional leadership and media, to discuss and share experiences particularly on reform relevant issues and how to apply human rights standards in practice
  • Sectoral human rights professional training and capacity development programmes

It is expected the Programme will contribute to participating institutions being better equipped to strengthen reforms and related initiatives for the promotion and protection of human rights. This will also contribute to an increased structured dialogue and joint initiatives on key human rights issues in Zimbabwe.

Our main implementing partners are:

RWI’s current cooperation programme in Zimbabwe is financially supported by Swedish Development Cooperation.

For more information on the Institute’s cooperation in Zimbabwe, please contact:

Mikael Johansson

Director, Zimbabwe Programme Senior Policy Adviser, Anti-Corruption and Human Rights

+ 46 46 222 12 02

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