Where We Work

Since 1984, we’ve worked in over 100 countries to contribute to a wider understanding of, and respect for, human rights and international humanitarian law.

This means nurturing strong partnerships on the ground. Only local expertise will bring about the human rights improvements we seek together with our partners.

We work primarily in four large regions of the world.


Stadsliv i Lund, vren 2016

We have had a presence in Europe since our founding in Lund, Sweden in 1984. Since then, we have opened an office in Stockholm and work in a number of countries in Europe, including Belarus and Turkey. Read more.


beijingOur work in Asia began in 1996 with human rights training courses for high-level Chinese officials within the administration of justice. Today we have offices in Beijing, Jakarta, and Cambodia, and work extensively in Myanmar and across the region. Read more.

Sub-Saharan Africa

human rights zimbabwe

Our work in this region began in 1991. We opened an office in Nairobi in 2002. Today we work from our office in Lund and Nairobi with large programmes in Kenya and Zimbabwe, and across the region. Read more.

Middle East and North Africa

Dr Qaysar Yehya Jaafar - Director general of the Judicial Institute of Iraq, Judge Mansour Hadidi - Director general of the Judicial Institute of Jordan, Judge Assad Mubarak - Director general of the Palestinian Judicial Institute and Rolf Ring - Deputy Director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute

Our human rights capacity development programmes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region began in 1999. The office in Amman opened in 2011. Read more.

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