Cooperation with academic institutions

Turkey legal clinics with support from Raoul Wallenberg Institute.
RWI’s expert, Prof. David Mcquoid-Mason, working with Anadolu University students in a legal clinic setting.

The Institute has for more than 20 years developed and implemented a large number of successful long-term programmes for and in cooperation with academic institutions throughout the world.

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s international work in this area primarily concerns supporting the development of capacity with academic institutions to plan, implement and deliver human rights education and training and carry out research, and contributing to the institutionalisation of such activities. To this end, the Institute works to strengthen:

  • the design and delivery of programmes and courses, in particular concerning post-graduate education, in human rights, including having adequate syllabi, curricula and teaching methodologies in place;
  • structures, knowledge and skills in relation to human rights research
  • the accessibility and availability of human rights documentation and related resources
  • cooperation between academic institutions in the human rights area
  • the interaction between academic institutions and the main sectors in society involved in human rights promotion and protection
  • strategic planning and project management of independent human rights centres

The Institute provides highly customised support to its academic partners, driven by the needs and demands of the relevant institutions and by human rights education gaps in the societies where we work. This is done through the provision of advisory services, education and training, developing learning networks, exchange of staff and visitorships, research development and literature and publication support.

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