What We Do


Our Four Focus Areas



PEOPLE ON THE MOVE. We work to enhance the rights and protection of the millions of refugees and migrants at risk.





INCLUSIVE SOCIETIES. We work to ensure that societies are open and inclusive to all.





FAIR AND EFFICIENT JUSTICE. We work to secure that justice is accessible and administered to all equally.





GLOBALIZATION AND HUMAN RIGHTS. We work to address the effects of economic inequality and ensure that globalization leaves no one behind.



Human Rights Research


The King's House is Lund University's oldest building. Construction started already in 1578. The Philosophical Department was housed here until 2014.

We generate and disseminate research and policy briefs building on innovative methods and empirical data from the countries in which we work.

Read more about our work with human rights research 


HUMAN RIGHTS educationBelarusian students attend summer course on human rights in Lund.

We offer and develop human rights education together with universities, governments and national human rights institutions around the world.

Read more about our work with human rights education


Human Rights AfricaDirect engagement

We work directly with governments, international organizations, national human rights institutions, universities, and the business sector to improve the practical application of human rights. We have presences in Amman, Beijing, Istanbul, Jakarta, Lund, Nairobi and Phnom Penh.

Read about our direct engagement

Good Prison PracticeA Human Rights Forum for policy makers

Through our global presence, we provide a unique forum for policy-makers, experts and civil society to engage in solution-oriented dialogue to advance human rights.

Read more about how we promote solution-oriented dialogue

Our Results

webkollektionOur vision is to contribute to the development of societies based on a human rights culture. To achieve that goal, we work in a results based manner, meaning that our attention is focused on how our activities contribute to and create changes.

Read more about our results


2 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. Florence Guzha - April 23, 2022

    This is great we need jneefcentions fhats spsaks to human rights abuses and such researchws will get us to such levels

  2. TALKMORE HLABANO - April 28, 2022

    I really appreciate the work you are doing as far as the observance of Human Rights is concerned.
    I attended one of your workshops in Zimbabwe it was really an eye-opener and there is really a lot
    that we learnt. Wish to attend more of your workshops as l work under the Correctional Service.

    I am also interested in conducting any research work involving Human Rights in support of your
    efforts and great work you are doing in almost all countries in Africa and beyond.

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