Selected Publications



Cappiali, T. M. (Under press) Reframing Resistance: Coalitions, Conflicts, and Immigrant Racialization in Italy.  New York. Routledge.

Peer-reviewed articles

Mancosu, M., M. Ferrín Pereira, and T. M. Cappiali (2020) “Terrorist Attacks and Europeans’ Attitudes towards Immigrants: An Experiment Approach” European Journal of Political Research,59 (3), 491-516.

Cappiali, T. M. (2019) “Ideological Affiliations, Conflicts, and Competing Mobilization Frames: The Role of Pro-Immigrant Allies in Shaping Immigrant Struggles for Greater Rights” International Migration Review, 53(3), 869-899.

Caponio, T, and T. M. Cappiali (2018) “Italian Migration Policy in Times of Multiple Crises: The Gap Reconsidered” South European Society and Politics, 23 (1), 115-132.

Book Chapter

Cappiali, T. M. (2018) “How do Local Actors Promote Civic Participation of Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities? Approaches to Integration and Local Dynamics” T. Caponio, R. Zapata-Barrero and P. Scholten (eds.). Handbook on the Governance of Migration and Diversity in Cities. New York: Routledge, 136-149.

Research reports and working papers

Cappiali, T. M., and M. Tazi. (2021) “Comment utiliser les approches intersectionnelles au Maroc ? Théories et bonnes pratiques” (Translation: “How to Use Intersectional Approaches in Morocco: Theories and Best Practices”); Type of publications: Toolkit + Glossary on paper and online, in French and Arabic

Cappiali, T. M., and J. C. Triviño-Salazar (2018) “Theorizing Immigrant Political Participation in Cities: Lessons from Italy and Spain” GRITIM-UPF Working Paper Series, No. 36, Summer 2018, e=1&isAllowed=y

Mancosu M, M. Ferrín Pereira, and T. M. Cappiali (2018)“The (Non)-persistence of Changes of Attitudes Toward Immigrants’ after Terrorist Attacks: The Case of the Manchester Bombings.” Working Papers, Carlo Alberto Notebooks, No. 549, May 2018.

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