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Textbook on RBC in Cambodia

The textbook offers a concise, but thoughtful and informative presentation of Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) and human rights issues in the Cambodian context.

  • It is a collaboration of teachers and specialists from Cambodia and a handful of authors with first hand knowledge of Cambodia.
  • The intended audience is teachers, researchers and students at university level in Cambodia, as well as practitioners and others.
  • The textbook was designed to be used in law schools and business schools though it might prove relevant also to political science, sociology, and media faculties.
  • This introduction to RBC is pitched at a basic to intermediary level.
  • This Textbook complements the BHR Compendium published in 2021.




Compendium on Business and Human rights

The compendium is a teaching aid for lecturers at university level. It is a ‘cases and materials’ type of book and responds to a scarcity of preparation time and educational materials in business and human rights (BHR), especially in the Global South.

The first version of the compendium was published for Cambodia in 2021. Available in print and on-line (click on the pictures below). The China compendium came was published in 2023 (available here).

The compendium offers wide choice for teachers: through 30 chapters and 1000 pages, teachers can select and combine materials for a lecture or entire courses.

It offers very diverse materials in BHR and covers 4 types of sources: law and policy, businesses practice, NGOs materials, and academic writings.

The compendium enables multidisciplinary: it is designed to be relevant to several academic disciplines. The expected users are teachers from five disciplines: law, business administration, political science, sociology, and media & communications.

The compendium is developed by RWI in collaboration with academics from the Global South: it contains both international materials as well as domestic sources in order to ensure maximum relevance and various entry points

The compendium is scalable and adaptable: initially developed in China and Cambodia, other versions will be developed in Zimbabwe and other countries in the Global South.

The compendium is part of a package of teaching aids: it should be complemented with a BHR textbook, an e-platform, and a training school for teachers.

The value of the compendium is both in process and final product: the process requires authorship and collaboration of local teachers and offers a distinct opportunity for capacity-strengthening of such authors, especially those new to the BHR are

The compendium offers an opportunity to raise human rights knowledge outside law faculties and legal education, and promote awareness of international human rights in difficult country contexts.


Higher education courses on business and human rights

RWI has offered postgraduate education courses in business and human rights (BHR) in a variety of locations and within several disciplines

Courses on BHR in masters of law programs at Lund university, Peking University, Tallinn university, at PUC and RULE in Cambodia, as well as a doctoral course for the Centre for Human rights in Ethiopia.

Course in the master program at the Economics Faculty, Lund University

RWI blended learning e-modules on BHR in the Asia region

Lectures at universities in Europe and Asia as well as thesis supervision on BHR.

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