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Support Education within Human Rights

Everything starts with knowledge. Education is key to the development of human rights. This is also why education and training is at the heart of what we do. We carry out higher education targeting scholars and students as well as hands-on training within our international programmes. 

With your help, we can support more young people becoming experts in human rights and getting good opportunities for spreading and working with human rights around the world.

Support a Business Chair

You can help us support a Business Chair:

At RWI, we shed light on and conduct research within in a great number of human rights issues.

Our aim is that the ‘RWI Chair of Human Rights and Business’ include funding for one or more Ph.D. students.

We believe that it would be of great interest to pursue one research and outreach within one or more of the following areas – preferably rooted in the SDG’s;

  • Inclusion and Disability
  • Human Rights and Corruption
  • The Future of Human rights
  • AI and Human Rights
  • Climate Change and Human Rights

Donate a scholarship to a non-European student

A scholarship donation makes it possible for non-European students without their own financial support, to still be able to study in Lund.For a young person, it  means having the opportunity to become a leader of tomorrow and a community builder. Ultimately, supporting young people becoming experts and spokespersons for the development of human rights in their home countries.

To meet the great need for education and research in the field of human rights, we need support for a number of activities. Your support can cover resource needs in the form of staff, literature, scholarships, or library development.

There is a great demand from researchers, particularly from developing countries, to take part in the Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s international research environment.

Your support can give a qualified researcher from a developing country the opportunity to be part of a guest research programme at the institute or create the conditions for expanding such a programme in general.

In return, you will get access to our work, new research findings,

Together we can make a real difference in the service of humanity.

-Radu Mares, Senior Researcher and Research Director, RWI

Do you wish to learn more? Please do not hesitate to reach out to:

Radu Mares

Radu Mares

Acting Research Director, Associate Professor, Head of Economic Globalisation and Human Rights Thematic Area

Phone: + 46 46 222 12 43

Radu Mares is senior researcher at Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights. He has Doctor of Law (2006) and Associate Professor (Reader/Docent) (2012) degrees from the Faculty of Law, Lund University, Sweden.

He is specialised in the area of business and human rights, with a focus on multinational enterprises and global supply chains. His work combines transnational law, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility perspectives.

Mares has edited The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights – Foundations and Implementation (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2012) and authored The Dynamics of Corporate Social Responsibilities (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2008). He has written about the relation between law and self-regulation, on corporate responsibilities in the mining industry and supply chain contexts, and on regulatory aspects raised by the corporate ‘responsibility to respect’ human rights. Recent publications include ‘De-centring human rights from the international order of states The alignment and interaction of transnational policy channels’ (Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 2016) and ‘“Respect” human rights: Concept and convergence’ (Law, Business and Human Rights – Bridging the Gap, Bird, Cahoy, Prenkert (eds.), 2014).

Keywords: Corporate social responsibility (CSR), supply chain management, multistakeholder partnerships, transnational law, international economic law, regulatory theory, good governance.

Selected Publications

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