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Support our Afghanistan Human Rights Programme by providing impactful opportunities for Afghan human rights defenders and scholars to continue their crucially important human rights work in a safe and supportive environment at RWI.

Faced with great risks and finding it impossible to continue their work in Afghanistan, large numbers of Afghan human rights defenders (HRDs) have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety for themselves and their families. RWI’s Afghanistan Human Rights Programme supports Afghan human rights scholars and professionals with tailored fellowship opportunities at our headquarters in Lund, Sweden.

RWI develops individual plans for each fellow, based on their unique circumstances, interests and career objectives. As an academic research institute affiliated with Lund University, with nearly four decades of experience providing tailored human rights education and capacity building programmes, RWI is very well placed to received scholars and HRDs and to develop with them individualised programmes of support so that they can continue their work for the peoples of Afghanistan.

Afghan scholars at RWI have the unparalleled opportunity to directly support the research agenda of RWI visiting Professor Richard Bennett, who also is the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan. Human rights defenders and professionals receive support from our program teams, to further their work and strengthen the network of Afghan HRDs in exile.

Our hope, and that of our Afghan colleagues, is to create an environment that allows Afghan scholars and HRDs in exile to continue their crucially important work so that when the time is right they can return home, with increased capacity, insights and tools to promote democracy, human rights and gender equality in Afghanistan.

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img: Farid Ershad, Unsplash