Board member

Rebecca Thorburn Stern (LL D) is an Associate Professor in International Law at Uppsala University, Sweden.

She earned her doctoral degree in international law in 2006, also at Uppsala University. Main research interests include human rights; children’s rights in particular, asylum law, and the relationship and interaction between international and national law.

Previous positions include Senior Lecturer at RWI, researcher at the Swedish Red Cross, lawyer and the Swedish Refugee Advice Centre and Presenting Officer at the Aliens Appeals Board.

Rebecca Thorburn Stern is a co-founder and member of the steering committee of the Uppsala/Lund Migration Law Network (L/UMIN). She is on the board of the Institute for Future Studies and, until February 2018, a member of the Swedish Migration Agency Ethics Advisory Committee.

For the duration of the spring term of 2018, she is a visiting professor at Minnesota Law School, University of Minnesota, USA.

She is a member of the board of the RWI since 2017.