Noha Yasser

Noha Yasser

Communications Intern


Noha Yasser is 30 years old from Cairo, Egypt. She is currently enrolled in the peace and conflict studies master programs at Uppsala University and she gained this opportunity through the Rotary peace fellow program. 

She is a researcher with experience in peace building, conflict resolution and social development. She has worked as researcher and humanitarian aid supporter for international organisations focusing on topics such as human rights, sexual and gender-based violence, water security, natural risk disaster and management as well as natural disasters and conflict. 

She has been in charge of designing, implementing and monitoring projects with grassroots organizations as well as national and international actors.  

As a researcher, she contributed to knowledge generation on issues related to peace and development, which is accomplished through design of research on development issues in fragile environments, conducting operational research, and disseminating research analysis. 

Noha focused on assessing historical trends in warfare and violence, have also increasingly analysed the comparative efficacy or failure of violent and nonviolent strategies. 

Noha’s goals for this internship is to explore fundamental thematic areas of human rights by working on the important issues related to this topic, specifically, human rights and the environment, non-discrimination, and inclusion, national human rights institution and access to justice. She is looking forward to be exposed to gain skills in human rights outreach, communication, and advocacy.