Environmental Rights

Maria Andrea Nardi

Maria Andrea Nardi

Affiliated Researcher

E-mail: maria_andrea.nardi@rwi.lu.se

Maria Andrea Nardi is an Affiliated Researcher at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. She has a PhD in Social and Economic Geography (2011) from Lund University, and held faculty positions in Sweden (Lund University) and Argentina (University of Buenos Aires).

Her research interests focus on environmental change and territorial transformations in rural areas of the Global South. Her fields of studies in environmental geography and political ecology brought her to pay attention to the conflictive dynamics between economic globalization, internal armed conflicts, unequal geographies of development and local livelihoods. Conservation and development, peace and conflict are central to her current research interest. She has many years of fieldwork experience in forest regions, particularly in South America. Her last field study took place in the Congo River basin in Cameroon´s borderlands with Nigeria.

In the interdisciplinary research she will conduct from the RWI, Maria Andrea will study the politics of environmental governance and peacebuilding in post-conflict Uganda and Colombia. She will seek to reflect on the role of human rights policy, advocacy and scholarship, in advancing environmental protection and denouncing environmental injustices.

Maria Andrea is member of the International Editorial Board of the Latin American Journal of Urban and Regional Studies (EURE), but also regular reviewer of other international journals in the fields of ecology and social sciences. Her extensive teaching experience in social sciences in diverse cultural environments made her be reflective about the need to consider critical pedagogies and participatory methodologies in higher education.

Keywords: Environmental change, nature conservation, alternative development, rural geography, environmental justice, peacebuilding, post-conflict, globalization, critical pedagogy, human rights and the environment

Ongoing Projects

  • The Nature of Peace: The dynamics between post-conflict peacebuilding and environmental protection, funded by the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (FORMAS) 2019-2021.
  • Advanced Study Group Moves towards an anticolonial academy: Exploring post and decolonial epistemic options, at the Pufendorf Institute of Advanced Studies, Lund University. 2018-2019.

Select Publications

  • Maria Andrea Nardi & Yahia Mahmoud, 2018, (Accepted/In press) “Conservation and economic development in Southwest Cameroon: a scalar analysis centered in Korup National Park (Conservación y desarrollo económico en el Sudoeste de Camerún: un análisis escalar centrado en el Parque Nacional Korup), in Brian Ferrero (ed.) Islas de naturaleza. Perspectivas antropológicas sobre la conservación. Rafela, Santa Fe, Argentina: Editorial Universitaria, Universidad Nacional de Rafaela.
  • Maria Andrea Nardi & Jacobo Ramirez, 2017, “Eco-friendly business or environmental injustices? International energy investments and indigenous struggles in Oaxaca, Mexico”, paper presented in the 9th NOLAN – The Nordic Latin American Research Network Conference: ‘Latin American Challenges in the 21st Century: Societies in Motion’. Gothenburg, Sweden. June 15-17.
  • Mariana Arzeno, Maria Andrea Nardi, Mariana Ponce & Federico Villarreal, 2018, (Accepted/In press) “The relevance of fieldwork for the production of a critical territorial perspective (La importancia del trabajo de campo en la construcción de una perspectiva territorial crítica)”, in Lia Bachmann, Juan Besse & Hortencia Castro (ed.) Formaciones geográficas, trabajos de campo: Debates sobre el lugar y los estilos de las experiencias en terreno, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Editorial de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad de Buenos Aires.


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